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Air Force One (Buena Vista Home Entertainment) (15) ****
Her Majesty Mrs Brown (Buena Vista Home Entertainment) (PG) ****
American Buffalo (Film Four Distributors) (15) ****

This week we have so many would-be block-busters that Bob Holness would probably be interested.

First up there is Air Force One. Harrison Ford plays President Marshall loved by all good decent Americans. Unfortunately evil nasty communists don’t love him and hijack his plane. The terrorists are led by Gary Oldman who overacts for Mother Russia. A very good action film, there are superb aeroplane sequences, real tension, and because it's American, occasional glitches of sickly patriotism. But then Harrison Ford is so believable in his good president role that God help Bill Clinton should Harrison ever decide to dabble in politics.

From American democracy to the English Monarchy now in Her Majesty Mrs Brown. This film has so many different charms it could open its own gift shop and like a successful Fly-fisher it's all down to skilful casting. Judi Dench plays a grieving Queen Victoria like she’s been crying for the past three months in preparation for the role and if anyone can think of a better person for the job of playing an irreverent headstrong Scottish man than Billy Connolly I personally take my sporran off to them. History has never been so much fun.

Out to buy on video, from the writer of the Untouchables, is American Buffalo. Dustin Hoffman and Dennis Franz star in this adaptation of the American play about two small time hustlers planning to steal someone’s coin collection. The dialogue is so well written and the main characters react to each other so believably it's like they've known each other for decades. If you want to see the rotten side of American realistically portrayed get this film.

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