This page shows everything I have written, edited or project managed on the subject of Windows:

Official Windows magazine (Issue 6 - March 2013) feature:
Essential kit for students
Whether it's GCSEs, night courses, a degree, or a PhD, get to the top of the class with our guide to the best education technology.

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Official Windows 8 magazine Official Windows magazine (Issue 5 - February 2013) feature on the best Windows 8 gaming kit:
The perfect kit for online gaming
Here's everything you need to get the best out of Windows 8 gaming across all your devices.

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Official Windows magazine (Issue 80 - December 2012) tutorial:
Find your dream career using LinkedIn
Our 10-step guide on how to fill in your profile, make connections, get endorsements and recommendations to help you locate your ideal job.

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Official Windows magazine (Issue 4 - December 2012) feature:
Find the best bargains online
Can Windows 8 save you money on your shopping? We put the bargain hunting skills of our editorial team to the testů

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