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Samsung advertorial feature for TechRadar, T3 and Gizmodo (March 2013):
10 best apps to make the most of spring
Whether you are looking to explore the great outdoors, get fit, or tidy up your home and garden, the GALAXY Note II is all you need.

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Samsung advertorial feature for Gizmodo, T3 and TechRadar (February 2013):
Creating a movie masterpiece on your Note II
As phone cameras have improved, more and more people are using their camera phones to not only film their lives, but to then edit this footage, add special effects and soundtracks and even enter the results in international film competitions.

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Samsung advertorial feature for TechRadar, T3 and Gizmodo (February 2013):
Writing and promoting your novel on the Note II
With the popularity of literature festivals on the rise, we show you how to buy, read, write, plan and publish books on your Samsung GALAXY Note II.

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Samsung advertorial feature for T3, Gizmodo and TechRadar (January 2013):
Upgrading Android on your GALAXY Note II
Upgrading your GALAXY Note II is very easy, and well worth doing to ensure that you are taking advantage off all the latest updates and features for the Android operating system your phone uses.

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Samsung advertorial feature for TechRadar, T3 and Gizmodo (January 2013):
Getting more from Google Play
Google Play is your one-stop-shop for all your Android entertainment on the Samsung GALAXY Note II. It includes over 700,000 apps, along with millions of songs, books and movies.

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Samsung advertorial feature for T3, TechRadar and Gizmodo (December 2012):
Top GALAXY Note II apps to nab the best sales bargains
Whether you're on the go, snuggled up in bed with a Christmas hangover or simply relaxing in a coffee shop, bargain hunting has never been so hassle-free or so much fun.

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PC Plus magazine (Issue 315 - November 2011):
Is Android Google's Achilles' heel?
With patent wars, poor tablet sales and customer confusion, is Android doomed and could it take Google with it? Jamie Middleton investigates…

This was also converted into online form for

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PC Plus (Issue 294 - May 2010) news feature about Apple suing HTC:
HTC iPhone-alike draws Apple’s ire
Courtroom battles rather than innovation could be what shapes the smartphone revolution.

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